Sunday, January 20, 2008

They just jump right out of my mouth.

"A critical examination never 'hurts' anyone except the patient" -Juan Iota

Friday, January 18, 2008


Someone posted this in "If Barack Obama wins" thread in the Amazon Forum today:

" Rakeem Bolden says: If Obama does win do any of you think he will get assassinated, casue it seems like everytime anyperson of color gets to much power thats what happens to them."

"Rakeem Bolden says: Oprah is not a threat, neitther is Micheal Jordan, Kobe, Shaq, and countless others. The difference is that he may be the president. And Bill I don't know who will do this one but I am leaning toward the whites this time although the blacks that killed Malcolm got help through the same ones that had something to do with the deaths of King and Kennedy.
No not paranoid I have no reason to be, but have people really changed that much since the 1960's. Everyone knows that a white man w/ power doesn't like a black man to have more power then him. Can you picture Obama on any U.S. currency or them adding his picture to Mount Rushmore, hell naw but they would have to do something big like that if he is the first "BLACK" president.To be honest if he wins and turns out like Bush or even makes one bad step, there will never be another black president again, and thats the truth. So lets stop acting like his skin color doesn't play an important issue here. Furthermore the "first step" for America to rid itself of racism is to acknowledge that its does exist."

" Caruso says: To Rakeem Bolden: I will never forget what a black women told me, long ago: She said that white men do not like black men, because, deep down in the white male personality, they are afraid that black men will "steal" their women. Is this why there are so many black males in jail and why they are not given good jobs, and drop out of school and why black women are easier for white men to deal with and employ for the reasons given above?"

"Everyone knows that a white man w/ power doesn't like a black man to have more power then him. "


"This is a perfect example of reverse racism, and "lets keep the rift going" logic.You mean, any white man will hate any black man who has more power than he has, simply because he is black??

Your racist stripe is showing brother, but instead of expressing it, you are projecting a straw man racist view, so youll have someone or something to target.

Lets get beyond that. Lets find some solutions to the problems, instead of letting "the man" keep us dumb and stupid, and HERE. When I say the "man" I mean: The puppetmasters, who seem to NOW be of several colors and creeds, who dont care, or mind a bit about selling out people of their own color, creed, religion, and nationality for their daily bread. I say, "we damn sure better get past all this petty crap, and NOW. If we do not, we will ALL be having this same coversation from behing prison camp bars."

Citizens of every color, creed, and religion; Cast aside your hate. Cast aside the old grudges and barriers. When people truly and sincerely love each other amazing miracles CAN happen. We can save this civilization. We can save this earth. ...........Be sincere, be color blind. BE HONEST. Speak plainly. Dont hold your fellow man to a standard that you are not willing to meet yourself.

Let us continue to communicate with respect, and without the need to insult. Lets keep our passions within DUE bounds.

I personally dont dig Obama, BUT if he does become president, I will give him my loyalty UNTIL and IF he proves himself to be the JUDAS that Bush and Clinton were both, and Bush SR, The REAL question is: Would Obama be a "just the same old" puppet if he is elected?

I PRAY with all my heart not. I want Ron Paul for president only because he is a constitutionalist, he wants to put a stop to many of the things that are a plague to this country and he doesnt care what it takes. That "extremism" is what we need. Is he doesnt make it, and its Obama? As far as Im concerned, if Obama DOES turn out to be sincere and DOES NOT- SELL US OUT LIKE THE OTHERS have. They better not kill him, because then they will have to KILL ME TOO because Ill be coming right behind him after them.

We all know, they will try and get him if it turns out he IS FOR THE PEOPLE. They will do it and blame it on "whitey, or some "lone, three named straw man". I pray to GOD we will be able to see, and know better.

-Spoken by a man, not white, and not black, but American.

Juan Iota

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

W.O.N. F.P.S."Tom Lehman"PGAGolf 96'-98'

Online Golf Simulators, ahh the memories.

Alans comments about the Brits reminds me. Its a good time of year to remember things which bring pleasure, and this was definitely one of them.

Its late 1996 (August-Sept) My fiance had recently left, after having pulled a few stunts, and Eventually, after I told her "this is the last time we are going to do this". she bailed for good, leaving me with the baby & 99% of all the responsibility and costs involved in raising our son of roughly 7 months age. What followed has been the biggest roller coaster anyone could ever imagine, but there were a few things GOD did to keep me sane.

anyway, I was alone, raising an infant baby son. .

The Game:

One little thing was:

I happened to get this "Golf Simulator Game" Cd disc, from a friend of mine who owned a computer store. He gave it to me almost as an after thought....... What a trip.. Thinking of it now, Funny how the littlest things can end up meaning so much more than we think.

I took the thing home and installed in into my system and began playing around with it. It was fun, and funny, I pressed the "online play" selection just to see what would happen, and viola,,,,,,,, "please register a name and password to play". Then, it was "Logging into the "WORLD OPPONENT NETWORK"............

I was stunned.

I have always appreciated many things about the British. They are truly the type of people, that no matter how anyone can say "they are dry" as in sense of humor (not everyone can FULLY appreciate MONTY PYTHON's FLYING CIRCUS!, but my friends and I used to be sitting, ready at the tv when it came on.) Anyway; They truly are the very salt of the earth- "make lemonade from lifes lemons" kinda people.

One of my coolest friends for the past ten years or so has been this crazy Tea Drinking Crumpet eating Brit I met while playing "WON"'s (World Opponent Network)F.P.S.(Front Page Sports) "PGA 96'-98'Then Big Bad "EA Sports" bought them out and kinda ruined the cameraderie while "improving" the actual game. It's now known as "Tiger Woods PGA GOLF", but I was there with THE GANG from all over the world in the very beginning.

There was Scott, the one with the "Star Wars" nick name "Corellian"" or "Core"" one of the resident tech wiz's of the game., in Portland or Wash somewhere.

Swebbie (Steve Webb my much loved limey cue ball, tosser-bastard adopted brother to this day, and Angie "do NOT call me a tart" Harvey (JOE BLOGGS!!) who I love dearly but loves to bounce herself off of concrete curbs for some strange reason....(thats another story Vodka Orange and Redbullthankyou................................., and their kids, the "British Brady Bunch"! Hello you brats!), Dallise in Australia, Sandra (a multiple personality we havent figured out to this day but love), CittyCat (Debra Jo) in Tejas, Catdaddy, Tom Dooley up in Virginia, Tommy Girl (Renae) in Minnesota, ahh man Im trying not to forget anyone but there were SO many more I cant remember now since its been 8 years since EA Sports trashed us..

Then theres some of the master players (charters) that I eventually ended up being able to match, once I learned how to "Chart" (which involved the time consuming practice of precisely charting every single shot, club, wind condition and course in the whole universe of PGA Golf. which was pretty damn cool. We used to shoot like in the 20's UNDER par for 18 holes.. I must admit, it was pretty cool to be the absolute best in the world at something besides changing diapers.

It was a very rough time, as I said. Fighting for custody of my son, struggling to make ends meet and pay astronomical attorney's fees (But, its my son, and thank GOD I won the right to stay his parent. The judge said to my son's mommy, "Nope, you abandoned the household, so"no indian giving" & "Take backs" You left, so you deal with it.... .... ) . Anyway, back to the golf.... All the time I was about to go out of my mind, I could come home to my friends in WON....and play golf! There were triumphs, marriages, divorces, tragedies. We had deaths in out families. It seemed after awhile, when something was happening to one of us, all of us were worried and pulling for each other, even the major ass wipes. We even began meeting when we could, and playing real golf together etc. (I owe Tom Dooley a whipping, since he got me last time).


It was a whole nother galaxy of play. Regular play was just as fun though, I miss it, especially since, the group of hundreds of people had become SUCH a group of friends, even the enemies came to miss each-other.

I may add; what a strange emotion to actually MISS, a computer game? Well, its the people.

These friends and foes definitely helped me get through a VERY lonely, shitty and difficult time in my life as a struggling single parent with no "night" life. My son is 12 now. It seems like a hundered years ago, when I would send boxes of twinkies to my good British friends in Hatfeild, and he would send all kinds of really cool curious "british" things here for our amusement.

MANY of my Golf friends I ended up meeting and are STILL very dear friends of mine to this day. Cittycat, Tom Dooley, Ive met and hung out with (Love you DEB!) Never met but still very close to and speak with Tommy Girl, Dallise, Up until a few years ago, even SANDRA!

But the best of them all, has to be the cueball I call Swebbie and his (then) fiance..... Damn what was her nick name OH YES..... JOE BLOGG??? LOL we can finally reveal the secret identity of JOE BLOGG.... roflmaopimp!


He and his now wife live in Hatfield, Hertfordshire. I guess they call it; "Hertz". Steve Webb and Angie Harvey, I love you guys! And I miss the game. I miss the closeness of our friendships and how when something happened to one person, it hapened to everyone!

IT IS A SHAME that EA sports just shit canned us when we were done hekping them test bed whatevcer the hell they were doing. The new EA Sports games are great, but the "LOBBY's are so lame and impersonal..... I loved the ability for open chat and fellowship. I guess things change, but I WAS SOOOOO happy and SO lucky to "be there" and have experienced "World Opponent Network"'s "Front Page Sports, PGA Golf 96' through 98'.

You know, it feels really good to finally find a place to pay some kind of homage to something that had such a positive effect on my life for a few years back then near the "beginning" of the internet. (which for me was 1992)

Thanks for humoring me by reading this.

-Juan Iota

A.K.A. "Thomas_Scott" #1 in the world in "World Opponent Network" several times & for nine weeks straight in 1999 Until that damn SWEBBIE knocked me off the top. What a blast.

Ill never forget you guys.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Im founding "The 5%-ers Club"

""Hmmm the 5%-ers Club". (Based on the premise some people have that "only 5% of the people" believe our government is capable of selling out, exploiting, ripping off, harming, killing, lying to and otherwise misleading it's public.)

Based on the debate of this very issue we are currently having in the Amazon "Political discussion threads" I'm an active member of, I spoke with a number of people today.
This reportedly small group of society is huge and growing every single day.
I asked each one the same question:"What are your feelings about 9-11?, What do you believe caused this. How does it relate to the current political and social climate in this country, and do you believe our Government is being honest with us?"
NOT ONE PERSON., NOT ONE expressed trust in these leaders or this current process. I didnt have to make any connections for them. I didnt have to bait or ask leading questions, almost every single one of them said that they believe something is wrong & being kept from them with regard to all of the events in the past 15 years and given the varying references, virtually every suspicious event was mentioned without fail. Specifically, feedback included the statement that; "Our government either had prior knowledge of, or a hand in"............. what happened in Manhattan.
Maybe someone forgot to tell the "truther bashers & skeptics"
The "95%-ers (truther bashers, skeptics, whatever) will say we hate our country. They will accuse us of "Hating the government" and this wonderful country.I say; this is the greatest country in the world. I love it with all of my heart. I renounce my anscestors countries. I am AMERICAN FIRST.
I am FULLY aware and believe with all my heart that the average person who works for, or has worked for this government in one way or another, such as myself are for the most part, the very salt of the earth. WOnderfully hardworking honest people with integrity who want to make a difference and want to serve mankind.
The problem is, that in every great country just like on a ship, there are RATS, and the RATS have taken over this ship. These Judas's have all but signed over ownership of this great republic and our future Gross National Product to some other unknown RATS in exchange for their (daily bread) reward, whatever it might be. They've plainly become corrupted and simply sold out the rest to p[reserve themselves and their posterity.
Some people refuse to believe this. I've seen it! dont want to believe it. They think they are somehow patriotic by doing what they are doing. They use words to make them and others feel like it is they who are the Majority. They shut their eyes tightly against the tide of obvious signs of sickness this country is exhibiting, instead they pick at the quirky extreme stories and cite those as proof that ALL of it is a lie, when they KNOW deep down inside they are wrong but they are praying and clinging to the premise that somehow they might be right.The way I see it, they can call me a kook all day long, as they join the cashless "1984" type society that has been long in the making; docile, entranced unfulfilled just siting around shaking their fists at or ignoring anyone who wants to try give them exactly what they ask for which is "proof, give them proof".... Screw em. Let them sleep.
"fascism is defined as - A system of government that exercises a dictatorship of the extreme right, typically through the merging of state and business leadership, together with belligerent nationalism.
"The American Heritage Dictionary, 1983
Remind you of anything?
"To criticize one's country is to do it a service .... Criticism, in short, is more than a right; it is an act of patriotism - a higher form of patriotism, I believe, than the familiar rituals and national adulation."U.S. Senator J. William Fulbright
"Media manipulation in the U.S. today is more efficient than it was in Nazi Germany, because here we have the pretense that we are getting all the information we want. That misconception prevents people from even looking for the truth."

Friday, January 11, 2008

Ive been considering "taking up the pen" (writing).

A New Manifesto ?

In any scenario where a society loses (or willingly gives away) its Freedoms, it is not simply some tyrant that rises up seizing control on any particular day, not any more, anyway. This process will always be a systematic network of people and thought reform, and exchange of values involved to make such a "Coup D'├ętat " happen.

"Keep in mind that there are plenty of American citizens who have already bought too far into the current "cult" of complacent American society, and will actually be quite happy to see such a change take place here in this country." They will accept whatever comes as long as their "status quo" isn't disrupted. What those people fail to realize is the changing of hands happened a very long time ago while we were sleeping complacently in our beds, or playing with the latest new toys made of plastic.

There are any number of reasons people might want to see this happen (religious, etc...), but in the end it boils down to a small number of people who actually benefit in terms of their own quality of living, without any regard for anyone else which is just (greed) wealth, or power from such a transformation.

Most would never admit it openly (at least not yet), but they are out there. In the early days of Nazi Germany, there were the "Brown Shirts", who were basically just party thugs (but still civilians) who practiced such things as voter intimidation, control of resources, inhibit free travel and other types of harassment. All I'm saying is, there are plenty of people out there who do not want to see the truth uncovered.""

There is plenty of intimidation being practiced right now, right here in this "FREE COUNTRY".
In the past few years that I have become "a writer" of sorts, I have experienced a tremendous amount of intimidation, ridicule, abandonment of my friends and loved ones over some of the issues of the day (politics, religion, constitutional freedom and the interpretation of same).
I look around. I look at all of the people that I sincerely love and care about, many of who shake their heads "tsk tsk, please stop sending me this stuff"......

I guess I am a kook.

I have never viewed this as some sort of popularity or personality contest in the sense that I never wondered what people would think of me. When I decided to become a literary "Paul Revere" it was because thats exactly how I view myself. I'm no whacked out "conspiracy theorist". If I see a flying saucer, believe me, I'll make sure thats what I see before I tell everyone, who may have a certain level of respect for me (or not); "Hey, Guess what I just saw?"

I dont pretend to have all the answers, I just have what is now amounting to a s h i t load of questions which seem to be pushing all the wrong buttons on many people, including those whom I never for a minute would have thought could turn around and point a finger at me saying: "kook...., Stop it. Your causing a scene....".

Well, in defense of my often incendiary pen, I say:

""Who is the real kook? The person who has and raises questions, or the person who simply believes & accepts everything they are told? Typical tactic's used by modern tyrants are to label anyone who dares to "question authority" a kook unworthy of respect by society. THIS is step alpha in the dictator's handbook for silencing dissedence.

I have always thought that this vigilance is the most valiant of all traits in a patriot! In fact, this "revolutionary Rebel" spirit, was until recently something openly admired in this country. My how things are changing.

Im watching on TV here where the History Channel is comparing David Koresh (and all of his "Alleged atrocities" to Charlie Manson. Hmmm Speaking of "non-sequitors".

I have been raised to be, for the most part law abiding. My contention is that when the laws of the land begin to circumvent the very foundation for the health and well-being in a society, then it is time to be a law questioner, a law defy-er, and a law breaker if need be.

""This statement is the sum of my pretext, It's the essence, the very salt of the earth if you will, to being a Free American. Hell, a Free Human.

-Juan Iota

I give credit to "DT" for uttering the right words right when I had begun to write this statement here for my blog!--

Thursday, January 10, 2008


Im telling you guys: We are right in the middle of the swindle. Ron Pauls great performances in the debates have been all but ignored. Even some adversaries (people I know who are voting for other candidates) have said he did really well !! STILL, Television and print media are ignoring him.

Who is surfacing as the media darling? Obama. I dont dislike Obama as a person, I just dont trust his politics, and dont trust his loyalties plain and simple. In my opinion as a minority, theres no way Ill vote for someone who has already sworn alleigence to "his race of people" above the well being of his country. Either your an American for America or not. Im not even going to address the stupid a_s race issue here. I could care less. They are going to tuck away any candidate who isnt part of their NWO club. They are ignoring the will of the people, and will slide in someone who will pick up where GWBush leaves off. They are not going to just turn the country back over to us. I believe the NWO knows it wont be able to get a republican into the whitehouse, so they will stack the deck with a few lame horses, and aim to get either Obama or Hillary elected.

THOSE OF US WHO KNOW HOW CRITICAL THIS ELECTION IS will have to keep the name Ron Paul on our lips.

We will have to keep at it. We have a fight ahead of us.

Youll see.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Immigration, and rascism in general

So on the "American" issue.

Either you are an American, or not: I consider myself an American of Spanish & Indian decent.

I don't hate white people or europeans AT ALL for what happened 200 years ago or more. In fact, I have a mild admiration for the civilizations which came out on top in a time and climate where it could have been anyone with a good plan and execution. Demonizing any one country or people for doing what "was done" back in those times is like demonizing "whalers" back in the whaling times. What did they know about conservation or the world? They were just fishermen making a living.

It seems to me, that the only thing we love more than "winners" is to hate them soon enough after.

What burns me the most day to day, is hearing the same old crying match over and over and over again about slavery. African Americans are very smart to play a card which works so well.

I would do this myself if I thought it had merit, but Puerto Ricans, as a minoroty don't seem to be able to get along long enough to agree on what to have for dinner much less agree on a political agenda. Frankly, often times I am embarrassed to watch most latinos riding the coat tails of the black (African American) movement.

The truth of the matter is that the amount of african slaves to the white man is paltry when compared to all the other slavery statistics through out history including their own (Africans as slaves to other Africans, Egypt, Ethiopia, Phonecia et alia). This is true whether you consider the empires of Afria geographically OR as a matter of color of skin. People buying into this load of crap are just looking for something to buy, and I admire African Americans for pulling off such a sales scam. I do not blame them a bit, it's being handed and taught to them. They are making it part of thier modern culture, and re writing history to validate it. What did you expect?

Maybe I should rewrite history for my people too?

Its the public who lend the credence to the whole preposterous issue by handing them this excuse as a viable free ride through society. It is my opinion, that this is weakening mankind as a whole.

Right here, and right now, I experience OVERT rascism every single day from African Americans who mistake me for a (the) white man. I'm being judged for my apparent appearance, all the while having to endure hearing about the unjust-ness of judging by appearance.

I am a pretty outspoken, unafraid person, so I say all the time "how hypocritical it is for someone who knows what rascism is, to be condemning it, while concurrently practicing it".

Then I might mention that I am Spanish/Latin, (or Latino as some of you insist) and all of a sudden "I'm ok with them?" That alone makes me rascist against anyone who practices that double standard bullshit. If I were a white man, I believe I'd start to become rascist just behind that. I do not blame white people who aren't buying into this shit, and who decide they need to be White, and proud.

Slavery was a sad but very real part of history, It isnt anymore, and that should be enough.
I'm sick to death of having to endure rascism from African Americans for something I had absolutely no hand in, not to mention the fact that neither did my ancestors. The people who are hanging on to it the most, are poeple who have something to gain from it. For example, my race of people (ancestors), the Taino Indian's, were completely wiped out by the Spanish (my other ancestors) and subsequent settlers. Our men murdered, entire culture erased, all lands taken, all riches plundered, country renamed. Do I get MY "fourty acres and a mule" eventually? Give me a mf break.

If this is a free country now (and I sure hope we dont forget about those issues) Then I am a product of my own efforts, no matter what anyone thinks of me. If I'm too lazy to go out and make something of myself, then I should thank no one but myself. If a black man can afford a bus ticket out of the ghetto, and does so, only to make something of himself, then all I have is admiration for him. The same man who wont spend the money on the bus ticket, but finds it more useful to use it to fund his crack business or any other illegal thing gets no sympathy from me. We all have a cable tow to bear. Make something of yourself and stop waiting around for a handout.Do you hear Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Peruvians, Egyptians, and others crying the race card and demanding the countries, and land back? Get fckin over it already. There are a hundred thousand Mexicans out there willing to work and make something of themselves, and only because some white idiots are helping them to make excuses for themselves do you see all this ridiculous protesting and stuff. An ILLEGAL ALIEN IS ILLEGAL. SEND THEM BACK. If they want to enter the country legally, then they have the chance. Otherwise they should be treated like anyother criminal PERIOD.The white people who have bought into the guilt trip and are out in front waving that banner are the most pathetic creatures on the face of this planet besides P.E.T.A.

WHY IS IT OK for only a MINORITY like me to say all this? If I were WHITE, would I be rascist?

Are we trying to make it an "Equal opportunity world"? or are we trying to "Make up for something by giving all of the advantages to any one people"? and IF SO, When is it OUR (Puerto Rican?Taino) turn? Do we get handed the silver spoon next?


Making the presidential elections a racial issue is a crime which will be perpetrated by the true hypocrits of out time. "Closet rascist's" bent on an agenda and willing to use any means for getting that agenda achieved, even if its a lie only to promote themselves. They truly could care less about anyone including those of their own race, much less other "monorities".

And so I say, what no one else has the balls to say once again.

Juan Iota