Friday, March 27, 2009


THIS came into the discussion forums last night from someone whom I consider a friend, but I whole heartedly disagree with:

<”Capitalism, because of the built-in greed that it promotes, is a dead system. ">
Dead-nuts on the money.
“Capitalism, when presented with the opportunity, ate itself; Exactly as predicted."

I wrote in response, & I really feel compelled to share with you. If you like, I would really appreciate it if you passed it on. You may not agree, but I believe at the very least, its something we should think about. It could be more eloquent but Im not trying to paint the Mona Lisa, just trying to succinctly address this trend towards blame letting and self loathing we are in.


I hate to say this: You couldn't be more wrong. "Capitalism" was infiltrated, sabotaged, chopped up piece by piece, then hauled off in the middle of the night by opportunists who were far from proponents of our democratic republic. These are not capitalists. These were relatives of the same guys who printed 1,000 dollars in fiat currency for every $100 worth of hard assets deposited.

Those who are responsible for gutting this country like a fish, snuck in and committed a coup d'├ętat only because they preyed upon the hard working productive and industrious American system.Those who did this were not "capitalists" in the true sense of the word. They hijacked the definition.

WE in this country have lacked the stones to rip the country away from the grip of those who basically succeeded in getting a grip on it in the late 1800's early 1900's.

THE TRUTH is they had been trying to take control for years!

GREAT men- GIANTS tried to warn us RIGHT IN THE FACE of those who were trying to shut them up.

We were complacent and lazy. We were naive....... but that's where our responsibility ends.

Thats not cause for guilt, that is cause for reflection, self analysis and inventory-OH AND ACTION, not empty words and slight of hand tricks to correct our direction.'The greatest generation was still full steam ahead as late as 1960, and still we hadn't caught on to what world bankers had ALREADY done to initiate the destruction of this very dangerous country.

Our crime? Success and the American dream. Allowing to exhibit trust over our freedoms to people we thought were true Americans who would honor their responsibility to serve the public and would always strive to do the right thing. How can we believe people who directly and purposely defile their constitutional oaths?

Meanwhile corrupt bastards are here & out in the world committing crimes in every country on earth in the name of “America”. Almost every bit of this has to do with greed and corruption, something that has MISTAKENLY been attributed to "capitalism". Capitalism is a system where a man can start with nothing, and work his heart out, build a company and employ thousands of people and 'enjoy' this success. An opportunist instead of modeling this, will exploit every opportunity to take advantage of what those people have built and RAPE IT no matter who else it hurts or destroys.

I LOVE this country.
I LOVE this republic.
I hate the evil, corrupt monsters that have us so screwed up in the head, we are sitting around tearing each-other apart and blaming each-other, ourselves into American self loathing instead of kicking their arses out of the country and going back to the things that were working AWESOME, and avoiding the things that were NOT working.

NO guilt trips America.

We are not evil, the bastards who have taken over the wheel house and mutinied are. AGAIN I SAY; how can you believe people who directly and purposely defile their constitutional oaths?Don't give up. Its not over til its over and I can show you plenty of REAL examples of what socialism and oligarchic elitism is trying to sell you. IT'S NOTHING like what they say it is. Almost without fail that promise has never been kept.

I repeat: ALMOST WITHOUT FAIL, this "promise has never been kept anywhere near in its "entirety".

I HAVE to add one more thing.The only thing any of us should be ashamed about is the way we have "honored" the giants who have walked before us. They were not perfect men but they gave everything they had. (Andrew Jackson died with a musket ball lodged in his lung that had been there for years). I use him as an example because he was definitely a flawed human being, but he was a GREAT AMERICAN and a good, honest well meaning man to his last day.

They were ALL for the most part prepared to die in an effort to do what they thought was right, and FOR US....We in return could give a sheet about truly honoring their memory and legacy, instead we are defecating on their graves.

That's the only shame I feel for our country.

Remember these words?"And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor."

I appreciate your time.

Warmest Regards

"Traveling East"

Juan F. Iota