Saturday, April 11, 2009

Anyone Home? -Knock Knock........

I tell you now, this is the most sincere statement (ok, lets call it what it is: opinionated rant) you will ever receive from me. (But at least I tend to create my own and don't get much into chain mail, can I get some props for that?, No, arrrgh)

To me, this is absolutely nothing new but, (has manifested itself to be) the plain and simple truth. There are a few honest mistakes in this documentary, but they are small. On the whole, this is very, very real.

I have been waving this flag for well over 16 years now, since an (seemingly wise at the time) elderly man of about 70 something or so for whom I was doing a large land clearing, tree removal & trimming job, said he liked me, went into his house, came out and handed me a thick-red, paperback book back in 1990 or so. The book sat in my truck for about 6 months. It took me a year or more to finally get around to reading the damn thing.

- I felt as if I was reading a science-fiction or "made for movie" novel until it began to dawn on me, and I began taking him ( & the book) seriously. It was a defining moment in my life and shocked me awake. I have never stopped pursuing the information.

When the internet went live in 1993 in my little area, information began to immediately become more accessible, and the pace quickened. I began to realize that many of the things Wells cites as goals they would need to accomplish to undermine this country, our system and the progress mankind had achieved up to recent history had begun to be "endeavored". This included the purposeful erosion of family, spiritualism, ("religion", which in some ways is a fortunate thing because it is waking us up to other lies), erosion of our country's sovereignty etc. Basically, I am speaking to the good things about our country which made it strong, not the many things we needed to find solutions for anyway.I have discovered way too much and now wish I could go back to "sleep". I know that is impossible now, so I'm going to ride it out, but Ill never give up. The thing I like the least about this world plan is that no one thought to ask the people what they want. I dislike any authority who thinks they can and should make all of our decisions for us.I could care less what you call me, or whether you laugh at it. I just feel a deep responsibility to people in making sure this doesn't come as a surprise when they come to the realization that I did after reading that book. When I finally went back to speak with the old man, he was already gone. If you think that these are good things for civilization, I would LOVE to hear your views.

Maybe I could learn something? This is the book that old man handed to me

Maybe you recognize the author. If the truth is something different for you, please feel free to help me understand.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Now I'm hungry


I just couldn’t stand the torture and had to share it with you:

I was flipping through the channels desperately here at 5AM or so as usual.

Due to the fact that I dropped the remote and didn’t feel like reaching down under my bed to pick it up, I was watching animal planet. (Why? because as I said-It was 5am and I was desperately avoiding the infomercial 'waterboarding') or having to watch the same movie on AMC for the fifth time in as many days.


There was this dripping with drama to the point of making me ill- story about a deer fawn which mistakenly jumped into a reservoir, and was having trouble getting out. (I am opining it had something to do with the retarded design of the reservoir, but that’s a related story) They milked this feel good story for everything it was worth, now I mean really. It was worse than usual.

Then finally some guy (thankfully heard me) & just simply jumps into the water, catches the retarded fawn and pulls him to safety.

They got TEN agonizing, dentist drilling minutes of air time out of this, and I can only imagine from what the (hero) guy was saying, that he had finally just had enough. He wanted to put all of these “P.e.t.a. Pocket Party Pickles” out of their ever loving animal worshiping escapism-misery.
This way, they could have their "animal planet orgasm", and go obsess & lament over some skinny cat or handicapped gerbil-somewhere.

MEANWHILE, I am sitting here realizing that I just absolutely wasted ten perfectly good minutes of my life living an action- adventure- drama with a happy ending vicariously through a deer fawn, (that I imagine would have tasted really good after all that marinating).

The “AB-cruncher” never looked so good.

That’s when it came to me: A band name:


(Or possibly)


I have a craving for venison all of a sudden. Maybe I'll just joing em, get a goldfish, and tell everyone "he is the daughter I never had".