Tuesday, May 12, 2009

If you aint pissed, then GET,-GET pissed. Or get pissed on.

If you aint pissed, then GET,-GET pissed. Or get pissed on.

Continually challenge those who endeavor to ruin this country. Continue to ask questions of those who are not worthy of our trust, yet who have SEIZED control of this country. DEFY the enemies of the FREE REPUBLIC. Consistently challenge the few good politicians who are left, to stand up and be heard. Those who would weaken this country are intent of keeping us divided and I tell you that THE ONLY HOPE THIS COUNTRY HAS LEFT IS UNITY."

You have no color, you have no culture. We have nothing if we don’t have each-other. Did you not here the call: “If you are not with us, then you are against us”?

These are the things a real patriot would be concerned with. This is what a real patriot would do, and not spend their time ridiculing fellow citizens. Especially when these citizens know in their gut there is something wrong going on here. The time since I said it was coming has ticked off almost 6 months. It is looming larger on the horizon now and even mild skeptics are beginning to see that what I said about Obama in the very beginning is true.

NO-ONE is more distressed over the fact that he is nothing more than the cousin of a pawn, another pawn for the forces who hate us and want to grind us into New World Order Fodder. This is because they KNOW DAMN WELL, that we will not go quietly into the night they have prepared for us. Americans will be relegated to third class, third world citizens very soon.

What did KRS-1 say? What did Griff say? What did Negron say?

Real patriots would want to know the truth without a shadow of a doubt. The skeptical shills live in fear, and nothing else. Do not let them turn this around on you. You seek the truth, as scary as it might get. Be brave Americans, don’t be afraid to challenge these **cks.

I am especially amazed at the people who find these statements "negative". This is reality, and not just one persons interpretation of reality. This is a big fat storm cloud coming- and you want to call the weather forecaster negative?

Tell the world, tell all the people who ridicule you for wanting truth: Be my guest, as you cower inside your cocoon in front of your TV praying it doesn’t come after you since you were a good proletarian supporter. Watch the videos if you can.




There are untold numbers of people dying of terrible ailiments in New York because of the lies we have been told. Wake up brothers and sisters. Here Amerikka, roll around in it. I love you Nacy Pelosi, I love you Hillary, know I got a thing for ya Sarah Palin. Message brought to you by “AmeriKKan Idol-otry” and “Big Negga” ME cause I am not going to shut up until they come and shut me up. If we get the band started before they get us, then we will ring the message of truth, freedom and justice out to every human being we can reach.

FEARLESS AND PISSED F**KING OFF -is what I am today.

Flav: “They claim we bruddahs from the bottom of hell, -cause the black is back and its bound to sell. ““Picture us coolin out on the fourth of july, and if you heard we were celebratin, I say well why lie? Yo Chuck, the federals are tryin to pull a two-two-six on ya Gee, show-em whatcha got-show-show-em whatcha got”:

Chuck D: -This style seems wild

Wait before you treat me like a stepchild

Let me tell you why they got me on file

cause I give you what you lack

Come right and exact

Our status is the saddest

So I care where you at, black

And at home I got a call from tony rome

The FBI was tappin my telephone

I never live alone

I never walk alone

My posses always ready, and they’re waitin in my zone

Although I live the life that of a resident

But I be knowin the scheme that of the president

Tappin my phone whose crews abused

I stand accused of doing harm

cause Im louder than a bomb

Cmon cmon louder etc...

I am the rock hard trooper

To the bone, the bone, the bone

Full grown - consider me – stone

Once again and

I say it for you to know

The troop is always ready, I yell `geronimo

Your CIA, you see I aint kiddin

Both King & X they got ridda both

A story untold, true, but unknown

Professor griff knows...

“Yo I aint no toast” -Griff

And not the braggin or boastin and plus

It aint no secret why they’re tappin my phone, although

I cant keep it a secret

So I decided to kick it, yo

And yes it weighs a ton

I say it once again

I’m called the enemy - Ill never be a friend

Of those with closed minds, don’t know I’m rapid

The way that I rap it

Is makin-em tap it, yeah

Never servin em well, cause I’m an un-“Tom”

It’s no secret at all

Cause I’m louder than a bomb

(Count down):

Cold holdin the load

The burden breakin the mold

I aint lyin denyin, cause theyre checkin my code

Am I buggin cause theyre buggin my phone - for information

No tellin whos sellin out - power buildin the nation so...

Joinin the set, the point blank target

Every brothers inside - so least not, you forget, no

Takin the blame is not a waste, here taste

A bit of the song so you can never be wrong

Just a bit of advice, cause we be payin the price

cause every brother mans life

Is like swingin the dice, right?

Here it is, once again this is

The brother to brother

The terminator, the cutter

Goin on an on - leave alone the grown

Get it straight in 88, an Ill troop it to demonstrate

The posse always ready - 98 at 98

My posse comes quick, because my posse got velocity

Tappin my phone, they never leave me alone

Im even lethal when I’m unarmed

cause Im louder than a bomb

cause the “D” is for dangerous

You can come and get some of this

I teach and speak

So when its spoke, its no joke

The voice of choice

The place shakes with bass

Called one for the treble

The rhythm is the rebel

Heres a funky rhyme that theyre tappin on

Just thinkin Im breakin the beats Im rappin on

CIA, FBI -All they tell us is lies

And when I say it they get alarmed

cause Im louder than a bomb

Scott: I hope it fires you up like it does me, even for a little while- Sophisticated Bitches

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